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East Coast

Departure date:

17 April 2023


Transport to and from your hotel, briefing, snowmobile, fuel, snowmobile suit, snowmobile boots, mittens, facemask/balaclava, helmet, goggles, experienced guide with snowmobile and weapon, search and rescue insurance, snacks and hot drinks, warm lunch (only on full day trips).

Clothing: We recommend you wear; wool thermals (top and bottom), thick wool socks, and a thick wool or fleece sweater to be worn under the snowmobile suit. In case you wear prescription glasses, we recommend you either use contact lenses or drive without them, due to condensation freezing onto glasses.

Important to know:
We require that all participants be fit enough to be able to operate a snowmobile responsibly and safely. If you are pregnant or have back problems, we recommend you consult a physician before driving a snowmobile. It is prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol. As a driver, you are required to bring a valid driving license (car, motorbike, snowmobile), even during the trip.

Due to safety reasons, we hold the right to change the route according to snow/ice conditions but also according the groupís abilities, without any change to the price. Participants commit themselves to follow the instructions given by the guide. Guides cannot take passengers on their snowmobile. Tours require a minimum of 4 participants. If the need arises, we may need to change the ratio/number of drivers and passengers.

We recommend all participants to have a travel insurance.

The cost to repair or replace our property, damaged due to negligent driving or behavior, will be invoiced to the person damaging this property. Deductible part is NOK 10.000 (participants must pay the amount of the damage until an upper limit of NOK 10.000). Participants have the possibility to add an optional insurance of NOK 120 per person. This will lower the deductible part to NOK 5.000 (the amount of the damage will be charged to the participant until an upper limit of NOK 5.000).

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to join this tour. Max age limit is 67 years.

Cancellation must be made in writing (by letter/email). Dependent on when we receive notice of cancellation, we will refund the price of the tour minus the following percentage of the price to cover our losses in connection with the cancellation fee: 22 days or more prior to departure: 2,5%, 21-8 days prior to departure: 50%, 7 or less days prior to departure: 100%.

No refund will be given due to route changes (due to snow and ice conditions and group competence), sickness, cancelled or delayed flights or forgotten driving licenses. We recommend all participants to have travel insurance.

Basic price:

3,990,- per person


1 x Solo-driver on a snowmobile


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