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product title:

Catching the light - Midnight sun

Departure date:

20 April 2023


Transport to/from hotel and warm drinks.

Better Moments offer special snowmobile equipment. This includes snowmobile suit, shoes, goggles, helmet, mittens, balaclava and facemask. You should minimum wear a base layer in 100% wool, a mid-layer in wool, down or fleece and thick woollen socks. We also recommend you to bring thin gloves for handling camera and a hat for longer stops. It is possible to bring a small backpack.

All snowmobile drivers must bring a valid driver licence. If not, you will not be able to drive the snowmobile. As an alternative you can be a passenger on a friend/partnerís snowmobile. There is no refund if you cannot show a valid driver licence.

In Norway, and Svalbard, we have a zero tolerance for influence of alcohol when driving a snowmobile. If this is not respected, then you cannot join the trip, and there will be no refund.

Better Moments have the right to change route due to weather and safety measures. We require a minimum of 2 persons on this trip.

Basic price:

2,190,- per person


1 x Solo-driver on a snowmobile


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