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3-day snowmobile adventure to Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Departure date:

12 April 2024


Minimum: 4 persons / 3 snowmobiles
Age limit: 16 years

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Activities, accommodation and meals according to the program.
Transport to and from accommodation
Warm clothing: Snowmobile suit, boots, gloves, helmet, goggles and balaclava
Snowmobile and fuel
Guide with necessary safety equipment
Search- and rescue insurance
CO2 investment of 250 NOK*
Insurance NOK 250 per day

Drinks with meals, single room accommodation. Contact to book single rooms. Personal travel insurance.

Recommended packing list -

As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergenís efforts to be climate neutral, we add an additional CO2 and enviromental investment of NOK 250* per guest. This is donated in its entirety to do good projects contributing to a sustainable future in our destinations.

All drivers of snowmobiles on Svalbard must be able to present driving licenses for passenger cars/class B, and the driving licenses must be issued in a country that is a party to the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968 on road traffic. The driverís license must be valid in the issuing country. Your driverís license must be presented before the tour starts. This trip requires minimum two snowmobile drivers without passengers. We may also need to change the number of drivers and passengers in the group. This is in terms of safety reasons.

This trio requires normal to good physical fitness and is not suitable for persons suffering from back pains or pregnant women. Basecamp takes no responsibility to any health issues, due to neglecting this advice.

Safety is our top priority during our trips. It is necessary for you to be able to communicate in English or a Scandinavian language if you want to join our excursions. The tour language (English or a Scandinavian language) will be chosen based on the group's language skills.

In Svalbard, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms, thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the planed route, and this might lead up us not arriving to the planned destination. It can also mean that we need to use a different transportation style or accommodation than what was described in the program. We will always do our outmost to give our guests a great experience in the Arctic, but we must be aware that characteristics of the destination.

Pack as little as possible for this trip. We recommend a waterproof backpack of around 35-42 liter. Your bigger luggage can be stored at your hotel while you are out exploring. Mandatory clothing in Svalbard include a woollen top and bottoms as a base layer close to your body in one or two layers, depending on weather conditions. You will need warm wool or fleece trousers and a sweater as mid-layer. Spacious clothing is recommended since air is the best insulation. When sitting down for lunch or outside in the evening we recommend to bring a down jacket to keep warm. On your feet we recommend two layers of socks (thin & thick woollen socks). Windproof mittens with a warm liner or thick gloves, a warm hat, scarf or flees- tube is also a must have in Svalbard. We also recommend bringing a pair of thinner gloves to wear inside the thick snowmobile gloves we provide.
Some things that are nice to bring with you to the lodge are indoor shoes, comfortable leisure wear, toilet articles, binoculars to study the wildlife and views, a camera (and something to protect it from water), sunglasses, sunscreen (not based on water because of low temperatures, binoculars to spot, and contact lenses if you normally use glasses). Do also remember to bring swim wear for a dip in the bay and sauna!

The organizer has liability insurance through Gjensidige insurance. The organizer has provided a guarantee to the Governor of Svalbard for costs associated with rescue operations. The customer is responsible for taking out travel insurance before participating in the journey.
On booking later than 1 month before arrival, credit card information must be given or payment made at the first opportunity. Cancellation of day trips / activities and hotel room:
Cancellations up to 22 days before the date are reimbursed in full.
Cancellations 22-7 days before the date are reimbursed by 50%.
Cancellations 7 days before date are not reimbursed at all.

Basic price:

NOK 18,990 per person


1 x Solo-driver on a snowmobile


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