East Coast

This trip lasts for about 10-12 hours and the main purpose of this trip is to experience the desert, high arctic east coast of Spitsbergen . The east coast has always been known for its hard climate, the numerous numbers of polar bears, the exciting history and the powerful silence. This might be a nice, calm comfortable day, but it may also be a cold, hard and extreme day. Maybe we will se many polar bears, maybe no one. But, no matter weather or polar bears, this will certainly be a fascinating and exciting day. We start off driving through wide valleys heading east, and as we gets close to Mohnbukta the surroundings will more and more make us think of the moon. Arriving here we will have lunch, and then we will explore the sea ice and the area. Icebergs, pack ice, polar bear tracks, old trappers’ cabins and glacier fronts in a frozen world. Silent and deserted. The route back home will depend on weather and snow conditions, arriving in Longyearbyen late in the afternoon after having driven about 130-160 kilometres.

Number of travellers: