Hike - Following a trappers footprints

On this walking tour you will gain an insight into a trapper’s day to day life. The hunt for polar foxes and polar bears began in the late autumn, and the traps had to be inspected throughout the polar night. We will head out on a walk through the tundra to gain an appreciation of the trapping life, and to feel what it must have been like to be out working at this time of year. The tour starts with bus transport to Todalen, and from here we will make our way into the wilderness. The guide will tell us about the life of the hunters and trappers of Svalbard and we will learn about the different techniques these hardy souls employed. Before returning to the bus and civilisation the group will enjoy a warm drink. Should the tour take place in the dark, each participant will be equipped with a headlight. Welcome to Hurtigruten Svalbard!

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