Spitsbergen Winter Safari

After breakfast we pack and head west towards Barentsburg. After a night in Russian surrounds the journey continues towards the beautiful Fridtjov glacier and Van Mijenfjorden. The second  night of this winter experience are spent at Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge, a cosy and inviting cabin with quality facilities located in Brentskaret. The third day will be planned after consulting the weather and ice forecasts, with one possibility being to head north towards Pyramiden and the powerful Nordenskiöld glacier. Experienced tour leaders will transform your winter safari into something more than just a series of transport stages: the guides are well versed in local hunting history, fauna and geography and are well worth listening to when we stop to look at special sites. If the weather permits we will head to the East Coast and the kingdom of the polar bear on the last day, and see the spectacular Hayes Glacier where it lies frozen into the sea ice. NB! All of our snowmobiles are environmentally friendly, producing as little noise pollution as possible and have low petrol consumption.  

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