Northern Light chase

This tour can be booked up to 3 hours before the tour starts. Northern light tours are unpredictable, because of the weather. In Longyearbyen the weather can shift quick, and often the forecast is not so exact. We therefor recommend you to wait with the booking as long as you can, but at least 3 hours before the tour starts. We cannot give you any guarantee regarding good weather conditions, and we cannot promise you aurora either, but if we have luck, it will be an awesome experience. So for this trip where we are hoping for good weather conditions and of course, northern light. We start the tour with a look at the weather- and northern light forecast, looking for the possibilities for northern lights and clear sky. Then we will help, if necessary, with the set up and then we prepare the camera for the dark shot and for the northern lights shot, in particular. After this we drive out of Longyearbyen, searching for strategic places where we can take pictures of northern lights and night shots in general. On this tour you will either be guided by our guide Ingrid, Ida or Oddgeir. They will all guide you safely during the evening and do the best to help you. They are not all professional photographers, but they know god spots and the surroundings very well! They will aslo help you with your camera setup and have the knowledge. Night Photography Advise: If it’s okay for you, i would like to give you some advice, before the trip: 1) Use tripods 2) Use the self timer on your camera (don’t push the trigger, it will give you unsharp pictures) 3) Focus manual, and set your lens on infinity. Do an test shot, check sharpness! If it’s not sharp, adjust your lens and try once, until the pictures are sharp, up to infinity! 4) Manual exposure is the best. But some camera can deal with the darkness and give you god results also on automatic settings. 5) Aperture at the widest, f/1,4 , 1,8, 2,8 or 3,5(low number mean’s more light on the sensor and brighter pictures) 6) Shutter speed 8 seconds as a start, in combination with aperture f/2,8. If the picture is too dark, use longer exposure or double the ISO. 7) ISO settings between 1600 and 6400, all depends on your cameras ability. Start with ISO 3200, and see(f/2,8 and 8 seconds). 8) Lens recommend: 14 mm to 24mm (wider is always best).

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