Northern light hunt with dog sledge

The Polar Night is a particularly atmospheric time of year, and dog sledding under starry skies, dancing aurora or glittering moonlight is an experience not to be missed. After helping to harness the dogs your guide will lead the way out from the yards. The dogs will yelp and bark with impatience, but as soon as we get going a beautiful silence will sink over us. The eager dogs will set off at a cracking pace, but after a couple of kilometres they will settle into a comfortable speed. We will drive with two to a sled, and participants will be able to swap between mushing and enjoying the scenery from the sled. Out in the dark we will turn off our headlights, and after a short time the contours of the mountains will appear. Looking south, we can see that it is lighter towards the horizon. The snow covered landscape reflects light from the moon, stars and, if we are lucky, the northern lights - and it is astonishing to note just how much you can see in this magical period.

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