Nature at its Best - Walrus and Glacier expedition by Boat

Our philosophy; We Are Explorers… As we strongly are willing to guide you into a true Arctic experience, we will take the time to achieve this and observe and experience all that Svalbard has to offer. Our trip duration is therefore an estimation. Description; Come and explore Spitsbergen with its bustling wildlife and stunning glaciers with us. Our expedition starts at 09.30 in the harbor of Longyearbyen, where our boat Vargen (closed boat, with toilet) is ready to take you into the wilderness of Spitsbergen. We will set course towards Borebukta. Here we have a good chance to see the walruses in their natural habitat. We will stop and enjoy these majestic animals, listening to the sounds they make, laying on top of each other, crawl over each other or see them hunting in the water. As with all wildlife we cannot guarantee any sightings, however after the walruses became protected species on Svalbard, the population has recovered greatly and they are finally becoming a common sight. After our Walrus observing you will be served a nice lunch on board as we set course to Ymerbukta, where we can enjoy a fantastic view over the Esmark glacier (or Ekmanfjorden Yoldia glacier) Remember to keep your binoculars ready for when we cross Isfjorden. This fjord is known as the feeding area for the humpback whale, the blue whale, fin whale and the belugas in summer, so it can be a great place to spot and observe these majestic animals. If we are lucky, we might even see some seals and perhaps even a polar bear! Enjoy the beauty and untouched nature this expedition offers. Take a moment of silence while floating in front of massive glaciers, listening to majestic animals and just be amazed.

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