The cabin among glaciers: 3-day hiking adventure with dogs

Visit our idyllic cabin in untouched, silent Tverrdalen. The only way to get there in the summer is by foot. This trip provides a very special opportunity to experience the Svalbard wilderness in all its splendor joined by our furry 4 legs friends. Day 1: We pick you up at your accommodation in Longyearbyen at 10:30 am Day 1 and drive to our husky kennel located 12 km outside Longyearbyen. Here we will inform you about the trip, equipment and safety, pack our backpacks and meet our furry friends which will join us. The hike will lead us over mountain platous and glaciers with a spectacular view. We will desenct over ice and rocks and climb a mountain pass before we reach our cozy cabin. Our furry friends can relax outside and serve as polar bear guards, while we enjoy the evening in front oft he fireplace with a good meal inside the cabin with the Svalbard nature surrounding us. Day 2: We enjoy the nearby surrounding with a light backpack. Hiking on the glacier just behind our cabin, exploring the morain area or climbing a mountain top – all is in reach and we will still have time to relax and bound with our cuddly husky friends. If we are lucky and patient we can maybe spot a polarfox or observe reeindeers close by the cabin. Day 3: We leave the cabin after breakfast, follow a gentle uphill to a mountain pass and a valley back to our starting the dogyard. On the way we will cross little streams and rivers. We have good chances to spot reindeers around us and have a look at the arctic flowers and plants. Expected arrival at your accommodation in Longyearbyen is between 4 and 6 pm. You should be in average good physical form, able to carry a backpack fort he first and last day between 10 -15 kilo We will hike about 15km on day 1 and 3, while the 2nd day can be adjusted to the group and conditions. The weather in the Arctic is unpredictable and can change within a few hours. With cold temperatures and wind the weather can be challenging.

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