All in one - Sightseeing, Scenery & Husky Visit

Join us on “All in one! – Sightseeing, Husky Visit & Scenery” This is a tailor-made trip, if you would like to have it all in one package. After picking you up from your accommodation, we will start with a sightseeing tour by car all around Longyearbyen and to the Seed Vault. Carved deep into the permafrost, the Seed Vault preserves an incredible array of the world’s species of plants. Your guide will share some insight about the Global Seed Vault and Svalbard’s important place in science and conservation. Aurora Borealis If there is Northern lights activity and the sky is clear, we will take you to good locations from where we can witness this amazing light show provided by nature. Please keep in mind, that it is impossible to predict, whether we will be able to see Northern Lights on this trip or not! Before we take you back to your accommodation, we will finish the tour at our dog kennel in Adventdalen, where you can meet our lovely pack of around 50 Alaskan Huskies. You will also get to say hello to them and take as many pictures you like. If there is no Aurora activity or the sky is too cloudy, we can either focus more on sightseeing or spend more time with the dogs. The group decides together, which option you prefer. Minimum 2 people Price: NOK 720,- per person Children under 12yo NOK 520,-. Please, send us an email before placing a booking for children under 6 years old (regarding child safety seat availability)

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