3-day snowmobile adventure to Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

AT THE RIM OF THE WEST COAST 3-days snowmobile adventure to Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel In wintertime the snowmobile is your vehicle far out to the wilderness in Svalbard. Bravely situated between the alpine Greig mountain and the Arctic ocean you will find Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. At the rim of the west coast you are checking into more than a hotel; you are checking into the heart of Svalbard. This destination is the ultimate place to look out for wildlife, as well as the last northern light before sunshine brightens up the winter nights. The likelihood of crossing paths with Svalbard’s impressive fauna increases every minute you spend outside civilization. Use three days to explore the beautiful vast landscape together with your Arctic Nature Guide. Come home to a warm and comfortable place to stay, where your hosts have prepared everything needed for a happy ending to a memorable day. Day 1 10am: Pick up at your hotel/ guesthouse in Longyearbyen. When all participants are gathered, we continue to Basecamp Expedition Centre for general information and safety routines. You will also receive your snowmobile and warm winter clothes. The drive to Isfjord Radio is about 90-100km. The exact mileage varies depending on route choices. Duration is about five hours, depending on route, weather, snow conditions and stops along the way. We usually arrive at Isfjord Radio around 3-4pm. When settled in your room you will find time to relax and explore the hotel's amenities. At 8pm we invite you for a tasty homemade dinner. Kindly advise any allergy information before the trip. Day 2 8-10am: Breakfast. This day is at your disposal together with the guide and expedition lunches are packed for the day. We are the lucky ones to visit hidden gems far away from civilisation. Nothing beats the feeling of driving through the magnificent Arctic landscape. Enjoy the sensations in the silent moments and when observing the view you will always wish to return to. Arrive home to Isfjord Radio after an adventurous day. Warm up in the wilderness sauna situated on the cliff, and simply enjoy life in the Arctic. Dinner is served in the dining room at 8 pm. Day 3 8-10 am: Isfjord Radio's tasty breakfast. After a good night's sleep, we get ready for the trip back to Longyearbyen. This is far from a transporrt run, this is part of the whole adventure. The guide sets today's route based on weather and driving conditions. We leave the hotel at the far end of Kapp Linné behind us, and drive into the mighty landscape. Between steep Svalbard mountains, over frozen lakes and up and down glaciers, we are in the middle of an ice and snow-covered landscape. Along the way, we take a longer break with lunch, and the guide will answer questions and tell stories from the Arctic. We are back in Longyearbyen at approximately 16. Please contact spitsbergen@basecampexplorer.com if you have any questions about the adventure. Note that driver's license is mandatory for driving snowmobiles and the guide will check the license before the trip starts.

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