Arctic dog sledding in Bolterdalen

Accompanied by dogs and our experienced guides you will travel through the beautiful landscape of Spitsbergen. Even though this is the shortest of our tours, the half day dog sledding will give you a taste of the magic which will have you coming back for more. Program: You will be picked up at your Hotel by our guide at 9 or 16, depending on your chosen departure. Together with the guide and rest of the group, you go through today’s route and needed equipment. After a short car ride, you arrive to Trapper’s Station situated in Bolterdalen, where our 80 friendly Alaskan huskies are eager to meet you. Our guide will introduce the principle of dogsledding and help you to harness your own team. On this trip, two persons share one dog team, and can take turns in driving. And off we go, mushing into Bolterdalen valley. When the Trapper’s station is behind us, we are already in the real wilderness of Spitsbergen. Take in the scenery around you and enjoy the arctic silence as your dog team does the work for you. Once back at the station, you will help to take care of your team, unharness them and give them few pats and hugs. Before heading back to town, you have chance to look around at authentic Trapper’s Station with many interesting items from trappers history, enjoy warm drink and few biscuits and hear some stories of mushing at Spitsbergen.

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