3 Day Dog Sledding Expedition to Igloo

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure in the wilderness. Every participant is an equal, everyone helps share the load, from planning the route, making food and handling the dogs. The dogs will be your engine the hours and they will bring you on an adventure you maybe never have experience earlier. The nature is stunning and a white layer of snow covers the landscape. Join our polar heroes Barentz, Nansen, Amundsen on a 3-days dogsledding trip in Svalbard beautiful and interesting surroundings. All our dogs are named after polar heroes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Regardless of the weather; good or bad, starry sky, full moon, or northern lights, this will be a little different tour. We pick you up at the hotel of your preference in Longyearbyen. After getting dressed we will give you instructions of how the dog sledding tour, about the route and you will learn the theory of driving dogs, for next step you will learn it by practicing. You will drive your own team alone the entire trip. How long we drive, it depends on the weather and conditions. We have our igloo (glass fiber) as a camp and there we will overnight, however we will always take a tent with us in case of an “emergency” overnight somewhere we must. The weather in Arctic can change very suddenly, so this is why we have to plan our trip counting on making changes if necessary, being flexible.

Number of travellers: