Have you ever been to the USSR? Welcome to our Arctic time machine and experience real Soviet atmosphere far in the north – in the ghost town Pyramiden. Day 1. Glaciers and valleys: Longyearbyen – Sassendalen – Tempelfjord – Pyramiden After breakfast, at 08:30, you will be picked up by the guide at your place of accommodation, who will take you to our Expedition Centre Russki Dom for a briefing. We will brief you on the planned route, and give you an update on the weather forecast. We provide solid and warm snowmobile suits. At 09:30 we are equipped and ready on to discover Svalbard’s spectacular Arctic wilderness. We will drive over glaciers, through valleys and cross white plains of Adventdalen and Sassendalen. Coming along Tempelfjord coast to Fjordnibba where opens a splendid view to both Tempelfjord, Sassenfjord and Tunabreen. Stop for a while to admire the beauty and breathe out. Then passing the Van Post and Tuna glacier as if blue-green backdrops. Soon across valley and canyons we come closer to the Nordenskiøld glacier – most stunning and available among the largest glaciers. Driving along Adolf Bay in half an hour we are warmly welcomed at Tulpan Hotel in Pyramiden. At approx. 17:00 we check in at the hotel and can have a cup of delicious Russian tea. At 18 pm we have a guided tour round the ghost settlement for 1.5 hr. We have a possibility to come in and have a look inside school, canteen and swimming pool and feel that special atmosphere of history and mighty Soviet Union some 30 years ago…. It seems that Time machine exists after all! Afterwards we are served a delicious 3 –course dinner at the hotel restaurant. Day 2. Frozen waterfall and Svalbard animals: Pyramiden – Adolf Bay - Ebbadalen – Pyramiden - Tarantellen – Pyramiden After breakfast we continue to get familiar to Pyramiden picturesque surroundings and watch the abundant wild life. First we are snowmobiling to a beautiful Adolf Bay facing the mighty Nordenskiøldbreen . On the glacier, there is a high possibility that we get to see polar bears, and ever so often we will stop to look for polar bears and seals. Quite soon we are coming across a magnificent Ebbadalen waterfall, completely frozen and giving thus an impression as if we are in the fairy-tale. We come back to Pyramiden to have lunch at appr. 13 pm at Tulpan restaurant. After lunch we have one more Arctic adventure if weather conditions allow. We drive to Tarantellen, a spectacular mountain formation, south of Mittag-Lefflerbreen, easternmost in Dickson Land, named so because of its shape similar to spider. We leave the snowscooters at the bottom and continue equipped with solid snowshoes. We will set course up its peak, height 475 m. From there, we have a scenery that will make you understand the meaning of the word ice cap – just glacier wherever you look! Together with a breathtaking view over a big part of Dickson land. Dinner and night at Pyramiden. Day 3. One more adventure in Pyramiden surroundings and back to Longyearbyen. After breakfast we drive for additional safari in the spectacular Pyramiden surroundings. The choice of the route depends on the snow and weather conditions. Approx. 14 pm lunch at Pyramiden hotel. Midday we leave this lovely land. On the way back we come across Petunia Bay. One more short stop to making pictures of marine mammals besides Nordenskiøld glacier. Then we continue itinerary towards Tempelfjord and on to Longyearbyen. Arrive at Longyearbyen approx. 19:00.

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