Arctic Legend - 3-day dog sledding adventure

DAY 1 Your guide will meet you in the hotel reception at 10 AM and together you will drive to our Trapper’s Station. The dog yard is situated in Bolterdalen, about 10 km outside of Longyearbyen. You will be greeted by a 100 excited Alaskan Huskies, some of which will be a part of your hard-working team of huskies on your 3-day adventure. Pay attention to the dog sledding instructions and advise given to you by the guide, before preparing our sleds and equipment. As soon as you are ready, it is time to head off into the white open landscape of Adventdalen. After lunch we will arrive at our expedition cabin and settle in for two nights. In this place you will experience life without running water, electricity or mobile phone signals. Together we will create an outdoor campsite for our new and furry four-legged friends. The huskies are happy outdoors while we have the luxury of a comfortable bed in the cabin. Dinner is prepared together, and we enjoy a well-deserved meal after a long day on the frozen tundra. DAY 2 Morning routines on a dog sledding adventure involves making sure the dogs are cared for before you can enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast. This day will be spent on a daytrip further away from the cabin. We travel through a varied landscape and you might have to assist the dogs through heavy snow or uphill. Lunch is enjoyed outdoors, and we return to the cabin in the afternoon. Dog sledding in Svalbard is an experience that will leave an imprint on your soul, as you enter the pristine landscape and a breath-taking scenery. Day 3 The last day of our adventure has arrived. When the sleds have been packed once again and the cabin looks nice and tidy after our stay, it’s time for new day of exploring the snow-covered valleys. Today’s route takes us southwards, and we arrive at Basecamp Trapper’s Station in the afternoon. The huskies will return to their doghouse and you have time for a last cuddle before heading back to Longyearbyen. After three days filled with impressions, new friends and knowledge, you are hereby part of an exclusive group of Arctic adventurers.

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