Speedboat to Pyramiden and Nordenskiöld Glacier

Join us in our semi-closed Rib-boat to Pyramiden (the Russian ghost town) and the powerful glacier of Nordenskiöldbreen. You can choose to sit outside, get a real nature experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or sit inside, warm and sheltered from the wind. On this trip, everywhere you look is surrounded by stunning scenery. From the comforts of our boat, we will experience the glacier front, rugged coastlines, and icebergs all under the Arctic sun. Along the way, we drive between icebergs near the front of Nordenskiöld Glacier where there are excellent opportunities to see wildlife on the sea ice. During polar summer, millions of birds make Svalbard home and we commonly see whales, walrus, seals, and occasionally polar bears. Experiencing Billefjord by boat is a classic Svalbard experience and a rich opportunity to cover lots of ground.

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