4 hour Dogsledding on Foxfonna

We pick up the dogs from the dog yard before we continue to Foxfonna (approx. 400 metres above sea level), passing Mine 7 on the way. Your guide will help you attach the dogs to the sledge, while you harness and handle the dogs. At the moraine the sledding conditions are great and we drive our dogsledges while enjoying the fantastic view towards the surrounding valleys and the Icefjord. On the trip, the guide will drive the first sledge with two guests who will take turns at steering the sledge. Behind the guide sledge, sledges with two guests apiece will follow. The sledges are being pulled by 5-6 dogs each. The trip is around 4 hours in total - including pick up/drop off at your hotel in Longyearbyen. You will be equipped with a suit, hat, mittens and boots. Remember sunglasses and sunscreen - the mountain sun is very powerful!

Number of travellers:

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