Arctic dinner and spa at Isfjord Radio

The trip starts at 5PM when your guide meets you at your hotel in Longyearbyen. We drive to the harbour and embark on our vessel for the night, ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN. Heading out in Isfjorden we pass by spectacular mountains and you can see the glacier in the distance. At Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel the hosts will greet us as we arrive, and a proper Arctic evening awaits. The old radio station has been transformed to a boutique hotel with a unique gourmet kitchen far into the arctic wilderness. Head Chef Simon Liestøl Idsø has since 2017 been in charge of the kitchen at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. With his long history of creative cooking combined with his passion for arctic regions, he creates menus with pure flavours and untraditional combinations. Before dinner we dare you to an Arctic spa. First you warm up in the sauna, then run to the shoreline, take off the bathing rope, and throw yourself into the Arctic Ocean. The length of the spa treatment is up to you! It sounds crazy, but it feels very good afterwards. By the end of the evening ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN takes us safely back to Longyearbyen.

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