Mushing under the northen lights

Program. DAY 1.You will meet our guide at the reception at 10:00 am. We will have a short briefing about the coming two days, talk about the needed equipment and clothing. Then we will pack our bags into the car and drive to our Trapper’s Station in Bolterdalen, where our 90 Alaskan huskies are eagerly waiting to get on the trip. Dogsledding on Spitsbergen is a unique experience. The huskies have trained through the fall and are ready to take you out on longer trips. They are as eager as you are to get going. Our guide will teach you how to mush your own team and then we are ready to go! We will make a lunch break on the way and let the dog rest for a while. Before the evening, we will arrive to the camp site about 40 km from the Trapper’s Station. Here we will set up our camp. After warm dinner, we can climb into our sleeping bags for a good night sleep. But maybe you are eager to stay awake for bit longer to see if the northern light appear on the sky? Dinner and accommodation in tents. DAY 2:At this time of the year, you will not wake up together with the sun. The darkness is continuous throughout the day. On cloudy days, you cannot see the difference between daytime and night time, but on clear sky you might see the hint of light and the promise of the coming spring just behind the mountains. After breakfast, we will harness our team again and start our adventure back to the civilization. We will take some stops along the way to let the dogs rest for a while. At this time of the year, you can see northern light throughout the day, so if you are lucky there might be some dancing on the sky on your lunch break.

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