Shine of the Glacier - small groups

Full day of mushing, with a visit into the icecave at the Scott Turner glacier. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel, and together you will go through todays route and needed equipment. After a 10 minutes car ride, you will arrive at the trappers station situated in Bolterdalen, where our 90 friendly huskies are eager to meet you. Our guide will introduce you to the principle of mushing and help you harness your team. Two persons will share one team, and you will take turns driving and sitting in the sledge. When arriving at the entrance of the icecave we will stall up the dogs for a rest. You'll receive a helmet and a head lamp to wear while entering down into the cave. Inside you can explore the ice and rock formations created by water in the summertime. Depending on the weather we'll eat the expeditionlunch outside, before returning to the trappers station. Everyone have to help take care of their dogteam after arrival. Before saying goodbye to the dogs and returning to town you have a chance to look around at the authentic trappers station.

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