Husky Slider - Dog Sledding Tour

Experience Svalbard by dog sledding. We will pick up our guests at their accommodation, and they will be delivered warm dresses and shoes before the trip starts. After arriving at Svalbard Villmarkssenter you will meet the polar dogs, and be instructed on how to handle the dog sled. We set off in pairs; one pair per sled.The main guide will be in front with the lead-dog sled. The dogs are eager to go, so here you really have something to look forward to! The dogs will be your engine the next couple of hours and they will bring you on an adventure you maybe never have experience earlier. The nature on Svalbard is stunning and the landscape is covered by a white layer of snow. Variable weather, northern lights, crystal-clear skies full of stars, moonlight or sunshine both day and night; these are variations only the Arctic can give. This is an activity that almost everyone can join. Time: Every day at 12:00 Duration: About 3 hours For more information, please contact: or +47 90 79 00 76 Price includes: Transport to/from accommodation, something warm to drink, biscuits, and guide with necessary safety equipment against the Polar bear.

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