Tempelfjorden - In the trappers footsteps

The trip goes via Advendalen, Eskerdalen and ends in the outlet of Sassendalen where Villa Fredheim is located. We drive between high mountains and through wide valleys and end up at the old trappers cabin belonging to Hilmar Nøis, or the king of Sassen as he was called. Here we eat lunch while enjoying the view over the Tempelfjord and the majestic mountain Tempelet. After a good lunch and where our guide tells us a little about Svalbard's history, we continue on Fjordnibba. Here we have a wonderful view of the Von Post glacier and the Tuna glacier where there is a bustling wildlife. Then we return home. We make more stops on our way home, for example at Eskerfossen and Brentskaret. This is a relatively simple trip that suits most people.

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