Historical citywalk under the polarsky

Longyearbyen now a modern society, was once a company town housing coalminers and functionaries. Many interesting stories can be told about this town. Our founder John Munro Longyear first visited Svalbard as a tourist in 1901, where he could see the economical gain in Svalbard coal resources. He returned in 1906 and founded The Arctic Coalcompany, and named the town for Longyear City. Store Norske Spitsbergen kullkompani bought The Arctic Coalcompany in 1916, and changed the name of the town in 1926 to Longyearbyen. On this 2 hour city walk we'll share our knowledge about the town, and hopefully give you an understanding about the life of a miner living here in the last century. We have a lot of protected historical sites in town, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. At the ending of the trip will take to a viewpoint looking out over the Adventvalley and the surrounding mountains on a clear day. If we are lucky both the stars and the northern light will come out to play.

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