Gift of the Polar Night

As we drive out in Adventdalen we pass the old Aurora Station and your guide will tell you about the history of measuring the auroras on Svalbard. Our next stop is on the mountain Breinosa where the new Auroral station ‘Kjell Henriksen Observatory’ is situated. Up here, far away from the city lights, is the perfect place to see, and measure, the northern lights. We take a walk in the area to get a good viewpoint from the surroundings, turning off headlamps and enjoying the polar light. Our Trapper’s Station is on the way down from the mountain and we make a stop there. It is a replica of old trappers’ stations and houses 90 Alaskan huskies trained for mushing. The station allows guests to see and feel how trappers lived in the wilderness hunting seals and reindeer. Buildings and the surroundings at the Trapper’s Station are designed to look like the original hunting communities in Spitsbergen. We light the fire and gather around the fireplace to keep warm as we enjoy the polar night and vast wilderness around us. Under the stars, we hear stories from a rich history Svalbard, of trappers, arctic wildlife, locals, mining and maybe some personal trips of your guide. We enjoy warm drinks and biscuits and if we are lucky we might even get the opportunity to experience this amazing phenomenon, aurora borealis, ourselves. We end our trip with a snuggle time in the dog yard where our huskies will give you lots of hugs and kisses before it is time head back to Longyearbyen. Remember to bring you camera!

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