Sleddog tour

At Svalbard, November is the month when the polar nights begins, and the winter is coming. The darkness and the chance of seeing northern lights is coming for sure – same time every year – but the arrival of snow and conditions for dogsledding vary a lot from year to year. Therefore we have made this tour, where we guarantee that you will be going out with sleddogs as long as the weather permits. If there is snow, we will be going out on dog sledge and if there is not sufficient snow, we will use the dog carts. In any case, we will pick you up at your hotel, at the time the tour starts. By car we go 10 km out of town to our kennel. Here we will dress you up in cover all suit, boots, hat, gloves and neck gaiter. The neck gaiter is a fleece buff, you are welcome to keep after the tour! When dressed for the journey, your guide will instruct you in all you need to know from safety and doghandling to steering and how to act out on the tour. The dark days are perfect for seeing Northern lights - and getting away from the lights of town makes stars and northern lights brighter and clearer. The faint light still illuminates the landscape, so the shades of surrounding mountains can be seen on clear days. You are going out with a team of sledge dogs who can sense the first cold. They are super motivated now the temperatures once again reach a level that suits them well! If we go out by dogsledge, and travel on the snow into Bolterdalen, the guide will be in front with his team of dogs and one or two guests on the sledge. Behind him, guests will be sledding two and two with their own team of dogs. If we use the dog carts, our journey will be in Adventdalen. Also here the guide will be in front with one or two guests, and behind him carts with 3 guests and 8 dogs pulling. The tour will be around 3,5 hours including transport t/r to the hotel, coffee and time to meet the youngest puppies in the dogyard.

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